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Message From Leadership

Hadassah Sisters,

On Monday, I had the most wonderful experience. I attended a Hadassah webinar titled “The State of Choice: Taking Action in Post-Roe America”. Naomi Adler, CEO of Hadassah opened up by talking about how Hadassah has always stood for Women’s Rights and Reproductive Freedom. After her introduction, she introduced Heather Booth who was an amazing woman who was a Civil Rights activist in the 60’s! She IS Jane, the subject of the HBO Max Movie “The Janes” She talked about organizing and changing the world with love at the center. The most amazing thing she talked about was how she started helping women find doctors willing to perform abortions and how that lead to a group of women performing over 11,000 abortions themselves. It’s an amazing story. Rhoda Smolow, our National President spoke and then there was a panel discussion that Heather Booth also participated in. If you couldn’t attend, please watch this amazing video recording of the event. I’ve posted a link to it below.

We have so many events planned for this year to help support the efforts of Hadassah’s Advocacy program and the work being done across the country to ensure that women’s rights are valued. Please participate and let us know if you have ideas for programs or fundraisers to help us in our efforts.

Thank you for working with us!
Yvette & Gina

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