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Message From Our Leadership

February 2024 - Adar 5784

On January 28, Hadassah Southern Seaboard hosted 35 women (representing 10 chapters) in Raleigh, NC at the Winter Region Meeting. As you can imagine, the war in Israel permeated almost all of our discussions. We were comforted to hear how Hadassah is responding thanks to charitable contributions from members and non members alike – Hadassah & Hadassah International raised over 16 million dollars in the Emergency Crisis Campaign Fund.

The conference opened with speeches from three women who traveled to Israel during different periods between early October (pre-10/7) through December 2023. Aliza Bricklin, Past Region President, was there on Oct 7 for a family wedding. She shared her harrowing tale of hearing the sirens at the crack of dawn in Tel Aviv while she was in bed doing her Wordle. She did not realize until later in the morning that the sirens heralded the first indications of the horrific attacks. Our featured speaker, Corie Hampton, Executive Director of Beth David Synagogue in Greensboro, traveled to Israel with Masorti Leadership Solidarity Mission in November. Corie traveled in military gear with IDF representatives to bear witness to the destruction at the Nova Music Festival and in the Kibbutzim. Luisa Narins, National Co-Chair of Hadassah’s Engagement Division, traveled with the Union of Reform Judaism in December, where she volunteered at a center to help provide basic living necessities to those who suffered loss of home and hearth. Each shared the profound impact of their personal experiences during three very different periods of the war.

We hope you will join us during our February programs to show your support for Hadassah’s efforts. No one who cares about Israel and humanity is untouched by this war. At Hadassah, we are doing all we can to help #HealIsraelNow. Together.

Thank you.

Am Yisrael Chai!


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