Message From Leadership

Welcome Hadassah Sisters,


I’ve been Co-President of Hadassah Charlotte for almost two years and have met some of the nicest ladies I have ever come across, with warm hearts and friendly dispositions.  It’s easy to call these ladies my friends.


There are so many facets about Hadassah that make me glad that I am a part of this organization.  My love for Israel and my passion for human kindness drive me every day.


As a Hadassah member, you are part of a group of Jewish women who are working to build a healthier safer and more equitable world.  If you are interested in becoming an advocate in one of the following areas, please email us a

  • Strengthening US-Israeli relations

  • Women’s Health Equity

  • Ensuring reproductive rights

  • Never Again Ed Act – Passed in January 2020 (Holocaust Education)

  • Date with the State

  • Day on the Hill

There are so many issues that Hadassah takes a stand on.  One of the issues that troubles me the most is gun safety.  The number of murders and homicides in Charlotte seems to be at an all-time record high.  It breaks my heart almost every day when I receive alerts on my phone/computer/watch from news channels and newspapers that there has been yet another death (adults and children) caused by someone that has used a gun. I ask myself; how can this be? What has happened here??? Why do people resort to use gun violence?  It is infuriating to me on a visceral level.


Has the record increase in gun deaths resulted from the economic stress and medical trauma inflicted by Covid 19? Mass shootings in Atlanta, GA and Boulder, CO where 8 and 10 people were killed are just a fraction of the nation’s gun deaths. The use of guns, whether it be in Charlotte or Jerusalem seems to be the way people are reacting to the times we live in.


Hadassah deplores the on-going shootings plaguing our schools, workplaces and communities nationwide.  We believe that the widespread availability of and easy access to firearms significantly escalates the violence.  Hadassah has long been a strong supporter of strict legislative gun control initiatives. 


To summarize, Hadassah reaffirms and expands the scope of the original 1981 gun control policy statement which urged additional federal and state legislation to provide stronger gun control laws.  Hadassah urges congress and state legislatures to immediately enact stronger gun control legislation including a ban on assault weapons, ensuring more consistent enforcement of current laws that will protect our communities and our nation.

  • There are specific legislative areas that Hadassah supports including:

  • Raising the minimum age for purchase of a firearm from 18 to 21

  • A mandatory waiting period for purchase

  • Universal background checks

  • Mandatory seizure of household guns when an emergency restraining order is issues for domestic violence.


Please join me in supporting Hadassah. It would be wonderful if our Charlotte chapter could create an advocacy group.  Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in advocacy whether it’s related to Gun Safety, combatting antisemitism, US Israeli relations or any other cause that Hadassah champions.


Todah Rabah,

Laurie Sheinhaus