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Sunday, February 25th
12:00 - 1:30 PM
Temple Israel at Shalom Park
4901 Providence Road


Leigh Altman, Mecklenburg County Commissioner-At-large

Lisa Cline, CMS Board of Education District 5

Tariq Bokhari, Charlotte City Council District 6

Michael Dickerson, Mecklenburg County Board of Elections Director

✅ Know your Local Branches of Government
✅ Know The Voter Registration and Voter ID Requirements
✅ Know how to find Your Voter Precinct and Local District Information
✅ Know how to Contact Your Elected Representatives
✅ Know Where to Find Info on Local Candidates
✅ Know where to get your Questions Answered

Quick Links

Click HERE to watch BOCC meetings (English and Spanish), find agendas, and find contact information for all Commissioners

Click HERE to access the BOCC budget simulator tool and participate in budget process: 

Click HERE to sign up to speak at a BOCC meeting

Living and voting in North Carolina?

Key Dates and Voting Information

- In-Person Early Voting: February 15 - March 2 at 3:00pm. Click HERE to find an early-voting site.

- Absentee Ballot Request Deadline: Tuesday, February 27. Click HERE to request an absentee ballot by February 27

- Primary Day: Tuesday, March 5. Please note: You must vote at your assigned precinct!

Want to check your precinct, confirm your districts are the same, or view your exact ballot before you go to vote? It's simple! Visit the North Carolina State Board of Elections website.


Living and voting in South Carolina?
SC voters can find information on the Prep for the 2024 Presidential Primaries page.

Key Dates and Voting Information

- The Democratic Primary was held on Saturday, February 3.

- The Republican Primary is on Saturday, February 24.
- Click HERE to view your ballot

Unfortunately, the deadline to register for the SC primary has passed - but there's still plenty of time to register for the November election!

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