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The Countdown is on for our 10th Annual Celebrate the TaTas!

until our Painting Days

until The Reveal

The Mission of Hadassah

At Hadassah, we have the power to heal our world. For us, that means bringing healing — in every sense of the word — where it’s needed most, in the US, Israel and around the world. Every day. As volunteers. As philanthropists. As changemakers.


Our Story

The first Hadassah activity in Charlotte began in 1925 when Miss Dorothy Hirsch organized a teen-aged group known as the “Hadassah Buds”. This group functioned for two years as an outlet for young women interested in contributing to the Palestine Infant Welfare Fund. In 1934, the Buds, now adults, blossomed into a fully chartered Hadassah group. According to Minnie Sutker, a charter member, “On October 3, 1934, fifteen women met in a private dining room at a cafeteria on West Trade Street, borrowed money from each other to pay their dues, signed the Charter, and thus Hadassah Charlotte, with Rhea White as President, was officially organized. It was a momentous occasion, and if you were there, you will always remember that day.” Charlotte's Hadassah has functioned fully and proudly since that time and how we have grown! Charlotte now boasts over 1,000 members, including over 950 life members. Over 70 men lend their support as Hadassah Associates. Education programs command a significant portion of the calendar. The group offers study groups throughout the year, along with other meetings designed to educate and inform our members on issues and topics which affect them as American Jewish women.

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We Have The Following Openings:

Donations Administrator
Evolve Young Women's Chair

And We ALWAYS Have Room For Program Volunteers!
If Interested, please email us at

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Mailing address: 5007 Providence Road, Charlotte, NC 28226

National Hadassah website:

Hadassah, The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Inc. (“HWZOA”) is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) as a tax exempt organization under 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. EIN: 231000329

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