The first Hadassah activity in Charlotte began in 1925 when Miss Dorothy Hirsch organized a teen-aged group known as the “Hadassah Buds”. This group functioned for two years as an outlet for young women interested in contributing to the Palestine Infant Welfare Fund. In 1934, the Buds, now adults, blossomed into a fully chartered chapter. According to Minnie Sutker, a charter member, “On October 3, 1934, fifteen women met in a private dining room at a cafeteria on West Trade Street, borrowed money from each other to pay their dues, signed the Charter, and thus the Charlotte Chapter of Hadassah, with Rhea White as President, was officially organized. It was a momentous occasion, and if you were there, you will always remember that day.” The Charlotte Chapter has functioned fully and proudly since that time and how we have grown! Charlotte now boasts 1,094 members, including over 959 life members. Over 70 men lend their support as Hadassah Associates. Education programs command a significant portion of the calendar. The chapter offers study groups throughout the year, called Lunch & Learn along with other meetings designed to educate and inform our members on issues and topics which affect them as American Jewish women. Another favorite and well attended program is Health Night, an informative, educational night with guest physicians that is open to the entire community. For more information about "membership" please email Karen Hauser at klh2603@gmail.com  or Lori Trapani at lptrap@aol.com


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mask sale

Show your Hadassah pride by purchasing and wearing a Hadassah mask!


rosh hashana wine sale

Purchase wine for Rosh Hashana and Vintner Wine Market will give 10% back to Hadassah!

August 20th at 7pm

one book, one author

Join award-winning author Anna Solomon in conversation with Hadassah Magazine's Lisa Hostein for the second One Book, One Hadassah Live Event. A Hadassah National Event.

August 21st at 11:45am

lunch and learn

The group reads and discusses one short story of Jewish interest each month from a selected  book. Amalia Warshenbrot at AmaliaIma@ATT.net or Linda Levy levyollie@aol.com

September 13th

southern seaboard regional meeting

All region board & chapter board members are encouraged to attend! We will hear about National Convention, elect Southern Seaboard Region's 2020 Board, hear about Reproductive Justice in NC & Va, and more!

September 15th at 7pm

rosh hashanah honey cupcakes virtual bake

Hadassah and W.O.W (Charlotte Women of Widsom) join forces to create delicious honey cupcakes for Rosh Hashana!


Board meetings & leadership team

August 17th at 7:oopm

September 21st at 7:oopm

For Zoom link, please contact us at hadassahclt@gmail.com

Hadassah Virtual Board Meeting Dates


David Ben Gurion asked Hadassah to build a new, modern medical center in West Jerusalem that would be the finest in the Middle East. In June, 1961, a magnificent hill of healing opened in Ein Kerem overlooking the majestic Judean hills. The centerpiece of the campus was the Round Building.

In July 2017, HWZOA committed to try to raise $91.2 million to renovate the Round Building. This is the first phase of Hadassah’s vision to reimagine the Ein Kerem Campus and HMO. It’s about compassion; it’s about healing; it’s about life; it’s also about a 360 degree vision in a changing world.

The Charlotte Chapter of Hadassah has pledged to fund the construction of a Nurses’ Station in the newly renovated Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem in Jerusalem. 



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